Quality policy

Practical Horse Genetics Pty Ltd, which also trades as Dog Breeding Science, Cat Breeding Science and OXA Breeding Science does genetic testing on animal tissue samples. These samples are given to us by owners or other interested parties for the purposes of genetic testing.

We produce reports that include information summarising and briefly interpreting the animal's genotypes for the requested genetic tests.

Our highest aim is provide correct genotypes and helpful interpretation of those genotypes within the stated turnaround time 100% of the time.

We expect to consistently provide correct genotypes within the stated turnaround time more than 99% of the time. We consider drops below this level to indicate a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as it is discovered.

ISAG-accredited laboratories with a level 1 rank aim to produce correct genotypes at least 98% of the time.

We assess our accuracy on an ongoing basis using phenotype (ie. appearance) and pedigree information provided by owners. This can find non-Mendelian inheritance patterns which usually indicate genotyping errors in either the parent or the offspring. We also re-assay some samples to check that results are consistent over time. External testing is undertaken periodically to ensure our results are concordant with external laboratories. Accuracy is assessed on a rolling 3-month timeframe.

When an error is detected at Practical Horse Genetics Pty Ltd, the owner or other interested party will be informed of the corrected genotype and refunded for their testing.

Owners querying surprise results can request free re-testing.

We continually improve our tests and methods to improve accuracy, sensitivity and turnaround time. This continual improvement extends to reduction of waste and minimisation of energy use at the lab. Our improvement strategies can include outreach to our clients to improve the quality of samples reaching us.

We undertake to store genotype data indefinitely to the best of our a bilities. This data is to be used by us and its other owners as a resource to manage and improve the health of individual animals and breed populations.

We undertake to protect the privacy of our clients using risk-reduction strategies in the storage and management of their data.