DNA testing for pedigree verification in goats

Learn about one of the tests we do: A DNA profile

There are a number of reasons to get a DNA profile for your goat. The most common one is to confirm your goat's sire and/or dam. This is not a test for breed.

Parentage verification is done using DNA profiles from the parent(s) and the offspring. DNA profiles from other laboratories can be used for parentage verification, but you will need to provide a full copy of the report rather than a DNA number.

Siblings can't be used for parentage verification.

A second reason to get a DNA profile is to have a way to prove your goat's identity in cases of loss or theft. Microchips and tattoos are also used for this purpose.

DNA profiles are also useful if you are investigating infertility and suspect sex reversal. A DNA profile includes markers on the sex chromosomes. Our report will flag results that are inconsistent with the nominated sex.

Gene or region and technical reference

Gene: (marker). Reference: 2017 Workshop Report, ISAG Applied Sheep and Goat Genetics

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