We are seriously good at DNA testing

We do animal genotyping as a service. We are outstanding in quick development of robust tests: it usually takes 3-6 weeks to develop a new accurate, reliable test from DNA sequence information. We use information in the public domain as the basis  for our test development.

Our horse DNA testing laboratory now has almost thirty different tests available. These DNA tests are for parentage verification, inherited disorders and coat colour traits. We are just starting to offer DNA testing for dogs and cats, with the aim of providing the same kinds of tests for these species too. No matter what species we are dealing with, our turnaround time from receiving a sample to sending out a result is 2-5 working days. This kind of turnaround is excellent by the standards of any international animal DNA testing laboratory.

While it’s fun to do DNA testing on horses and pets, we are also interested in seeing whether any niche animal industries have genotyping need that are not being met here in Australia.¬† Examples that come to mind include goats, alpacas, rabbits, mink, waterfowl, bees, fish and shellfish.

Find out more about us, or get in contact. We are curious about all kinds of animals.

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